Live A Healthier, More Balanced Life With Aileen’s Nutrition & Health Coaching Program

FINCHFIT Nutrition & Health Coaching:  I’ll provide one on one support so you’ll be able to make the best, sustainable health choices, within the context of your busy life. My approach to healthy clean eating is practical. You will not feel overwhelmed or deprived. Of course the best laid plans don’t work if you can’t implement them with ease. My program gets results as long as YOU make the commitment to partner with me. Give yourself the much-needed support that you deserve! Let me be your guide on the side, coaching you to wellness from the inside out!


I’ll coach you to eat real food. You’ll learn what to eat for energy and proper nourishment. You can even select a health food store visit for one of your sessions wherein we’ll demystify organic, Non GMO, Fair Trade, grass fed, growth hormones and free range.

You’ll learn how to streamline meal planning, shopping and preparation (I’ll provide articles, recipes, food samples and self care items to name a few). I’ll show you how to integrate self care into your day.

There’s always free email support in between sessions to address your questions.
There’s a Free Finchfit4life Healthy Choices Monthly Newsletter which covers nutrition, health and fitness. We implement Finchfit4life group events (5K’s, cooking classes, round table discussions, etc. ) that might just get your mojo back!


3 Month Nutrition & Health Coaching Program – condensed version of the 6 month program. Great option for those needing a quick start or a refresher course.

6 Month Nutrition & Health Coaching Program – full on effort to get your life where you need it to be!  Two sessions a month plus value added programs including health food store visit,  local speakers, cooking,  outdoor boot camp, DVD’s, food samples and Aileen Finch on the side coaching you to your best life from the inside out!

Pantry Clean Out – 1.5 hour visit to your home. I’ll help you pitch the unhealthy matter from your pantry and provide you with a list of “must have’s” for a healthy, sustainable life.

Private Health Food Store Shopping Tour:  1.5 hour visit to Whole Foods – Organic, GMO’s, grassfed, free range, bok choy, parsnips, agave, coconut oil, flaxseeds, probiotics, bulk foods, vegan, macrobiotic, Paleo, Atkins,  stumped?  Let Aileen navigate you through Whole Foods making healthy food choices that don’t have to break the bank.


program price
3 month program includes two 50-minute sessions/month $600
6 month program includes two 50-minute sessions/month $1200
Pantry Clean Out $150
Whole Foods Store Private Tour $95

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