Don’t Become a Summer Slacker!

It’s that time of year again, schedules change, the kids are home, there’s lots of driving to and fro,

Making time for the Dutchess County Fair

Making time for the Dutchess County Fair

and suddenly you’ve lost track of your best laid exercise and nutrition plans. Don’t become a summer slacker statistic!

Reclaim your summer.  Identify your goals.   By keeping your goals in front of you, and chipping away at them daily, you’ll  be able to enjoy the relaxed pace of summer with your friends and family.

Here’s my game plan for the summer of 2013:

1. Set Goals.  I want to finish the summer stronger and leaner, to spend time with my family and friends and make time to study my Health Coach materials.

2. Schedule Steps to Meet Goals:  In addition to my normal workload, I’ve now got to play chauffeur to my boys and provide more food!  I plan out my week on Sundays and review specific schedules the night before. In addition to training clients, I need to make time for exercise, healthy eating and studying.  I have found time to exercise while my son is at dive lessons.  I listen to my Health Coach seminar while waiting in the car at lacrosse practice. A couple of times a week, I prepare larger dinners so that I may have left-overs for two days.  Ultimately, I save time and stay on task. This frees up time to put towards my goals.

3. Enjoy the Summer: Sometimes the change in schedule throws us off and we feel like we can’t catch up.  If you don’t plan, you sacrifice the opportunity to experience the gift of summer.

Let this be a great summer wherein you enjoy your family and friends, but also accomplish goals that are near and dear to you.  It just takes a little time and planning.

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