Read What Clients Are Saying About Aileen Finch…

Finch Fit’s new location is awesome! A fantastic athletic environment with open space, high ceilings and a tremendous variety of equipment – everything from TRX to heavy ropes to traditional weights and kettle bells. As always, Aileen makes use of the outdoor space, which is within the secure parking area – speaking of parking, there’s plenty of it!!! I have followed Aileen from her back yard, to Old Town to this new location and I think this time she’s nailed it!

No matter the location, Aileen always provides a great, full-body work out with a lot of variety to keep it interesting. She pushes me to work hard, but never beyond the bounds of what is safe or appropriate for my age and fitness level. I have trained with Aileen regularly for 4 years and can definitely see the improvement in my strength and endurance. My ten year old daughter joined the youth fitness training earlier this year and is loving it too. Fitness class with kids her age is fun for her and is teaching her the importance of stretching, proper form and is establishing good training habits that she will carry with her throughout her life.

Aileen is also extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and can counsel you on your diet, whether it be for weight loss or just overall health. I highly recommend her signature detox program, it’s a great way to kick start your fitness routine and gives you tons of energy.

If you want to get in shape, no matter your current fitness level, Aileen will help you get there!
(Candy Renick)

Love the new place. Lots of new equipment to train on. With Aileen’s friendly personality, commitment, knowledge and skills – every workout has been motivating. She combines basic exercises with equipment which make every session challenging. I also feel she has a great sense of knowing her audience and when to kick it up or down. I have been training with Aileen for more than 5 years and truly feel she has motivated me to take it to the next level!
(Loretta Hoffman)

Since training with Finchfit for the past 9 months I have noticed my chronic neck and shoulder pain have gone away. I am sure it is from the muscle strengthening and toning from the workouts. Aileen’s workouts have also improved my distance running on the weekends. I am loving the new location, it is so convenient! I love the huge parking lot – no meters to worry about. I also love the indoor space with the additional turf space, TRX machines and that big rope, I am always pleasantly sore in new places.

Finally, I want to say thanks for always being accommodating to my changing schedule. You really show a commitment to your clients and their well being.
(Hong Yoon Plurad)

Aileen’s class is for everyone at ANY level.(Sandra Woo-Ho)

My body feels so much better after completing Aileen’s detox. It got me back on track and feeling more energetic. I was a bit intimidated before I started thinking about all the food prep. I found a groove with Aileen’s guidance knowing I’m not one to put much time into prepping food and cooking especially during the week after a hectic work day.

It was great how your body reacts without being deprived of food – there was plenty to eat. It’s been a couple of weeks since I completed the program and I continue to follow some of the regimens like the morning lemon elixir, pumpkin smoothie and kale salad. I highly recommend the program.

And I do miss you! I have been telling many friends about the detox.
(Linda S., Pasadena)

This program is a great way to get yourself on track for eating clean. I did it to lose the cravings for all those unhealthy things (mostly sugar) that tempt me. I found the food to be really delicious, filling and so clean! I felt great and am striving to continue to incorporate the recipes and general way of eating into my daily routine.

I never focused on losing weight but all my clothes fit better and my system is running like a well oiled machine! I highly recommend this program,

(LeAnn Healy, Pasadena)

As a 1st time detoxer, it took a while to find and gather all the specific product for the detox. Next time, it will be easier. It was scary to think all my favorite foods were going away! I liked the 4 pre-detox days to wean myself off the NO List of foods.

My personal goal for the detox was to lose a few pounds which I achieved and was very pleased with the results!
I now have a greater awareness of the foods I eat and pay more attention to the ingredients listed on products.
Overall, I would recommend this program!!

(Julie, Pasadena)

Some of the recipes from the Finchfit4life Winter Detox are part of my regular cuisine.  Plus, James, my husband,  has become obsessed with the smoothies. Not a day goes by that the blender isn’t used and I don’t find chia seeds, bits of spinach, kale etc. on the kitchen counter.  Good times!

Count me in for the Finchfit4life Spring Detox!
(Trevessa, Pasadena)

I have just completed the 11 day detox program with Aileen. Having had her as my trainer, I was eager to work with her in this capacity when I decided I needed a coach to also help me when I wanted to combine a healthier eating program with an established exercise routine. My goals were to find ways that proper food selection could reduce inflammation due to arthritis, get control over weight management, improve my sleep, and have increased energy. I am delighted to say that I was successful in meeting each of my goals. It was so helpful to have Aileen by my side (from across the country!) and to follow her program. It certainly required a lot of work and planning, but it was always worth it. (Cindy McWilliams, NY)

This Detox came at just the right time. I needed a system re-boot and Aileen’s detox was just the thing. After a couple years of stress, illness and putting my own health on the back burner, this 11-day focus on nutrition and detoxification was energizing, easy to follow and delicious. Great recipes, solid information and Aileen’s tough love may the experience successful for me. I feel like I’m back on track with more energy, better skin and a new love of figs. (Lian Dolan)

Working with Aileen as a wellness coach helped me move from good intentions to good habits. Her program incorporates cutting edge nutritional guidance, accountability and support. I appreciated her approach of adding positive habits and “crowding” out the negative ones, eliminating the usual feelings of deprivation and the urge to “cheat”. She even anticipated obstacles I might encounter along the way, so I always felt confident and prepared. Her flexibility and creativity in problem solving made the program feel truly custom-made for me and my lifestyle. Aileen’s coaching made changing life-long patterns not only do-able, but fun. Her down-to-earth, nonjudgmental style helped built trust and transparency right away, allowing the work to progress rapidly and consistently. I highly recommend Aileen Finch and Finch Fit 4 Life for anyone who is ready to transform their relationship with food and make wellness a priority. Diann W.

When I determined  a personal trainer was necessary to achieve my fitness goals, it took some trial and error before I found the best fit. Aileen Finch has been (and continues to be) that perfect trainer for me.

When you have some physical limitations, finding the right trainer is essential to avoid further injury and to maximize your fitness efforts. I was frankly skeptical of performing strength training; I believed my age and health challenges precluded me from working with a trainer. Perhaps this is because my former trainers were the “gung-ho, push it ’till it hurts!” type. And I couldn’t afford any further health problems.

With Aileen, I discovered someone who customized each session to challenge my abilities, yet sensitively and intelligently helped me avoid problems and injuries. As my confidence, stamina and balance improved (and believe me, I’m no gym rat!!), she challenged me further with new moves to stave off  boredom and enhance my fitness achievements.

Additionally, Aileen included nutrition tips throughout our time together. Over time, as I incorporated some of her tips into my eating habits, my overall health improved-I even lost weight while increasing muscle!

I’m the kind of person who always AVOIDED physical effort of any kind. It’s indicative of Aileen’s unflagging energy and enthusiasm that I actually look forward to our sessions. And her “can do” attitude resulted in my first-in-my-life participation in a 5k charity event. Who would have expected that at age 60+??!?

Thanks, Aileen. You’ve improved my life through your coaching. Mary W.

“Ferociously fun loving, Aileen masks her deep knowledge of health and fitness through humor creating a much appreciated environment of learning, encouragement, challenge and accountability.  She’s the one that always makes you “feel special”! Small but mighty, Aileen, you’re a life changer! Thanks.”
J. Gabrie

“Aileen Finch has been my personal trainer for over a year and she has helped me stay in shape. Aileen is not only fun to work with, but extremely knowledgeable about the muscle action groups and proper nutrition. She is the best and I have never felt better!” Shelly L.

“Aileen Finch is not just a trainer, she is a “life changer”. As a gift to myself honoring my approaching 65th birthday, I trained with Aileen at Breakthru Fitness in their Lose 2 Win Program.  The program entailed a custom exercise workout plan (that took into account my physical limitations) and nutrition program. I lost 13 lbs and have kept it off for months. She taught me how to listen to my body and what to do to stay healthy. I even get to enjoy my cocktail with this new lifestyle change. Could not be happier. I owe a lot to Aileen and for me, it will be a very happy and gratifying “big” birthday.” Catherine K.

“Aileen has been instrumental in helping me get fit and healthy in a safe way. I have lost 15 pounds. She is “tough” when she needs to be and challenges me, while exhibiting care and knowledge of my pre-existing injuries. She is encouraging and has been my biggest cheerleader. I highly recommend Aileen Finch for anyone who wants to be healthy.”Virginia M.

“I have always exercised, but the last 3 years working out at 5:15 am with Finchfit4life has been amazing.  She is always introducing new techniques and loves raising the bar (secretly happy that she does!). She totally understands my capabilities and my challenges – be it physically or nutritionally. Honestly, I really feel she cares about my progress.  Love working with her and wouldn’t trade the 5:15am camaraderie!” Loretta H.

“Finchfit4life is the best! Aileen tailors every workout to meet the individual needs of her client. I’ve never been in better shape after working out with her for the last year and half. Thanks Aileen and Finchfit4life!” Lauren A.

“Aileen encouraged me all the way along and helped me keep up with my workouts on the road. She always took the time to prepare me for my trip and checked in on my while I was away.”
Kelly M.

“I have worked with Aileen through injury and age-related issues since 1/12. I appreciate that she is able to address my limitations and still provide a rigorous workout within a small group.  I look forward to exercising now (couldn’t always say that).” MJ