Get Fit With FinchFit

Aileen Finch of FinchFit4Life

FinchFit4Life owner operator, Aileen Finch, is an energetic, educated and results oriented fitness, nutrition and health coaching professional. Her mission is to provide her clients with a highly motivational, no nonsense, safe approach to obtaining their best lives. Toward that goal, Aileen partners with you to map out your own individual life changing plan.

Aileen’s most satisfying experience, is taking the non-gym/non-athlete and making them believe in themselves. “Seeing my clients move with confidence, competence and grit, while making healthy food choices, warms my heart. There’s nothing more satisfying than witnessing a clients’ “aha” moment. It’s what gets me up in the morning!”

Aileen’s passion for fitness and nutrition started early. Her informal education began at Copaleen Stables, her family farm, where she taught riding. Aileen credits her mother, Sheelagh Tellerday, with instilling the importance of safety and proper form when teaching. It was natural for Aileen to study physical education at college.

Aileen’s formal fitness coaching began at The New York Health & Racket Club while she was at college.  After building a family, Aileen returned to her true passion of fitness and health.  While coaching Lose 2 Win clients at Breakthru Fitness in Pasadena, Aileen discovered her real calling to inspire the athlete in us all to move, eat clean and live a balanced lifestyle.  Further study with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the largest nutrition school in the world, helped to supplement Aileen’s already deep knowledge of nutrition and health.  With this formative experience, Aileen is pleased to coach her clients at their homes, work or at the Finchfit gym at 1010 Armada Drive in Pasadena.  Aileen specializes in meeting clients where they are and getting them to where they want to go.  Aileen offers weekly small group HIIT training on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings.

As a nutrition and health coach, Aileen can offer the whole package – fitness, nutrition and health coaching and what she likes to call “health and fitness from the inside out.” “Sometimes, you just need a sage on the side to help you navigate this journey called life.”IMG_1608